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DIY Projects to Elevate Your Life


The internet is full of DIY projects! Over the years, we have seen do-it-yourself style content take over on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs, and TikTok! But how many of them are worth the time and truly going to work for your family? This week, we scoured the internet for all of the best DIY projects and are here to share the ones that will elevate your lifestyle, improve your space, or just help you pass the time! 



Candles are surprisingly super easy to make! You can purchase the base wax on Amazon or pick some up at your local home goods store. Select a jar that matches your aesthetic, such as mini metal pails, mason jars, ramekins, or a coconut shell, and you’re ready to scent your candles. You can scent your candles with essential oils such as ginger, orange, vanilla, cloves, peppermint, hibiscus, or whatever speaks to you for fall and you’re basically done. Click here to see a full breakdown of DIY candle making and get started this week!

Nail Polish Keys

Nail Polish Keys

This simple nail polish trick helps you tell the difference between your house key, mail key, and P.O. box key! Get a fine-tip paint brush to create a design that you love. Use this DIY hack to save time when trying to find the right key!

Paint + Refinishing 


Transform an old mason jar, chair, or piece of furniture with a coat of paint. Does your kitchen need a pop of color? Does an old dresser need a clean coat of white? Click the link to see how this old dresser became a navy painted centerpiece and how easily you can do this to your space!  

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are an easy and functional DIY project to do with the kids. They make great gifts, look adorable stacked up in the bathroom, and incentivize bath time! This guide will show you how to make bath bombs just as good as the Lush variety with different oils and colors!

Beaded Face Mask Chain 

Mask Chain

These beaded mask chains make it easy to throw your mask off and on when you need to! They’re adorable, customizable, and a perfect DIY project to do with the kids during this time!

Alcoholic Popsicles 

Alcohol Pops

Finally, a DIY project for when the kids go to bed. These rose popsicles incorporate gin and lemonade and are a must-try before the hot days end! Enjoy, then let us know what you think!


Of course, this is just the start of the endless DIY projects you can do to fill the time this week! Try one of ours or find something fun for your family. Have a great week everyone!