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Labor Day Weekend!


Labor Day Weekend means a three-day weekend! Which also means that you get an extra day all to yourself to do something fun and exciting, but what to do with so much extra time? Well, we at Whitney Ranch have compiled a list of activities for you and your family to enjoy together. Keep on reading and check them out below!


1. Backyard Barbeque.  A more traditional way to celebrate Labor Day Weekend is to have a casual, relaxing BBQ in the backyard with family and friends, and there’s nothing better than chowing down on some delicious hot dogs, hamburgers, and anything that involves the grill!


2. Go for a Hike. Most of the time, there are not enough hours in the day to get the exercise you need, or to just enjoy a leisurely stroll around the block. Take advantage of this long weekend and take the family for a hike! You’ll get to be out in nature, get your heart pumping, and enjoy the scenic views of blue sky and cute little critters.


3. Camping. Another way to spend some time with nature this weekend is to take your family on a camping trip! Having that extra day to get away from it all, sit around a bonfire, and maybe even do a little fishing could be the perfect way to spend your Labor Day Weekend. But, if packing up the car with a bunch of gear sounds like too much of a hassle, you can take your camping trip to the backyard! You and the kids can lay under the stars together, still sleep in tents, and have a fun camping experience right at home.


4. Share Some History. Labor Day isn’t just about getting an extra day off work or school – it’s also a day of reflection. Inform your kids by explaining the importance behind such a meaningful day. Labor Day was declared a federal holiday in 1894, and celebrates the contributions and strength of workers in our country.


5. Do Some Reading. Along with not being able to always exercise like we want to, sometimes it’s hard to fit in time to sit down and read a great book. Find your comfy, go-to reading spot and dive into a compelling story. It’s the perfect way to relax and spend your day off!


6. Sunset Picnic. Spend an evening in the park with some blankets and a basket of yummy treats while watching the sunset. Since Labor Day means the closing of summer, enjoy an evening outside while the weather doesn’t require a sweater after the sun goes down!


7. Local Theme Park. A long weekend of celebrating should always include a trip to some kind of theme park! You can always guarantee there’s going to be entertainment around every corner and delectable treats. So, strap the family in the car and get on some exciting rides! Don’t forget to grab some funnel cake and corn dogs while you’re at it!


Whether you’re having a backyard party, or sleeping under the stars, we hope you have a wonderful, safe holiday weekend with your family and friends! Happy Labor Day!