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Spook-tacular Halloween Party Tricks!

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Boo! It’s time to get ready for your Halloween party this weekend! If you’re still trying to figure out some good decoration ideas to get all of your guests spooked, we’ve got some tricks below that you might want to try:


  1. Spooky Jars. Find some mason jars or empty jelly jars and stick some creepy things inside! You can glue a twig and a fake black bird inside, some fake bugs, or some plastic eyeballs! Place these on your mantel above the fireplace, or on a table in the entryway to create a chilling display!


  1. Old Family Portraits. There’s nothing scarier than old black and white pictures. Print out some family photos, stick them in frames, cut out the eyes, and attach some lights on the back for an awesome glowing eyeball effect! You can even up the creep-factor and find some old black and white photos online!


  1. Candy. Stick some jars and dishes of black and white candy around the house! This trick isn’t just simple…. it’s also delicious!


  1. Black Wreath. Grab a wreath that’s made of twigs and paint it black - this will give it a super dismal look! You can hang the wreath on your front door and even add some other decorations to make it extra spooky!


  1. Crows. Speaking of dismal, you can never go wrong with a bunch of fake crows to greet your guests. Stick these all over the porch and front yard, and your house will look like it’s straight out of a Hitchcock movie!


  1. Ghoulish Roses. Go to a craft store and find some fake, dark colored roses and glue plastic eyeballs in the center! This is a funny, yet terrifying trick that your guests will love!


  1. Scary Footprints. Want to give your guests the heebie jeebies? Dip your feet into some washable red paint and make a track of footprints on your front porch! This may scare off the trick-or-treaters, but that just means more candy for you.


  1. Witch’s Chair. Here’s a very simple and cute trick! If you have a rocking chair on your porch, just place a pointy hat, broomstick, and black witchy-like shoes around it, and voila! You’ve got yourself a great Halloween decoration!


Happy Halloween from all of us at Whitney Ranch! We hope your party is full of some ghostly, frightening, spook-tacular fun!