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Cozy Decor For Your Home

Manzanita Plan 2 California Room.jpg

There’s something about the holidays that just makes us want to put on some fuzzy socks, curl up on the couch with a good book, and just get super cozy. If you’re wondering how you can add a little coziness to your home this season, check out our tips below!


  1. Create a Reading Nook. Pick a corner in the house and adorn it with pillows, blankets, your favorite chair, and make it your official reading spot! There’s nothing better than being super comfortable while being amerced in a great story!

  1. Layer Your Bedding. Feeling that Fall chill at night? Add extra layers to your bed! Better yet, kick it up a notch and buy an electric blanket -- this will result in instant coziness.


  1. Dress Up the Mantle. Get out your festive Fall decor and throw it onto the mantle to set the cozy holiday mood! And once your mantle is complete, light up the fireplace and your living room will instantly turn warm and snuggly.  


  1. Favorite Mugs. Get out all of your favorite mugs and put them on display in your kitchen! Especially if you have Christmas-y themed mugs, drinking coffee in the morning will make you extra jolly!


  1. Twinkling Lights. What helps you get into the holiday spirit more than twinkling lights! Hang these above your mantle, your entertainment center, or your reading nook -- you will have a twinkle in your eye all season.


  1. Candles. Pumpkin Spice. Vanilla Latte. Apple Cinnamon. When you fill your home with these deliciously scented candles, the urge to wrap up in a snuggie and watch a holiday classic will definitely start to set in!


  1. Blankets. This of course is a given. Pull out all of your warmest blankets that you use just for this time of year. Nothing says cozy like blankets!


  1. Favorite Books. If you don’t already have books on display in your living room, pull out some of your favorites, especially timeless holiday classics! This will give your home a cozy library feel!


We hope these little tidbits will help make your home extra snug this winter!