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7 Model Home Design Inspirations!

Manzanita Plan 4 Family-Kitchen.jpg

When we tour through tidy, beautifully decorated rooms of model homes, our imaginations start to run wild. We start picturing ourselves lounging in the bright and open living room on the weekends, entertaining in the gorgeous backyard, and loving every second of that large master bedroom. If you’re not sure how you want to design some spaces in your new home, model homes are great for ideas! Here’s a few reasons why:


  1. Fireplaces. Model homes have a great way of showcasing the elegance of fireplaces, whether it be in the living room, in the backyard, or in a bedroom. If you want to add a little class to your fireplace, you can build a frame around it! This will give it a beautiful, sleek, sophisticated look! You can also give it a fresh coat of paint to add an accent color to the room.

  1. Backyards. The outdoor areas of model homes are always put together so nicely, and it’s fun to imagine ourselves BBQing by the pool on the fourth of July with friends, or just having family game night and enjoying the evening weather. Take note of what features they’ve added to make the yard inviting! Perhaps your yard could use a fire pit for the cold evenings, or a television and seating area for relaxing!

  1. Wall Decor. Choosing the right colors can add a world of difference to a drabby space in your home, and model homes are great for getting wall decor inspiration. Notice how they put colors together in one room, or if there is an accent wall that brings everything together. Some model homes even have really unique wall designs, like a stylish wood-planked wall in the hallway or in the office!

  1. Backsplash. Kitchens are a big deal for the cooks of the house! Ample amounts of counter and cabinet space are definitely a given, but it also needs to have some charm and appeal. There’s lots of design inspiration you can get from a model home kitchen, but sometimes a little backsplash can be just what it needs to come alive. When walking through a model home, study the contrast between the backsplashes, cabinets, and counters to see what really makes those kitchens pop!

  1. Curtains. Window decor is not something everyone thinks about when decorating their home, but it can really add a lot of character to a room! Floor to ceiling curtains are a great way to give your windows a little something extra and model homes know how to do it best! See what patterns they choose and how they compliment the living space.

  1. Living Room. Should this couch go here? Can we fit a bookshelf there? It’s not easy trying to come up with the perfect layout for your living room, but never fear, because model homes are great for some quality feng shui! Get a feel for what would work in your home by observing how to create a living room that is inviting, open, and comfortable!

  1. Dining Room Table. If you’ve been wanting to jazz up your dining room table, you can definitely find some beautiful tables in model homes. Centerpieces, tablecloths, runners, napkin holders - find out how model homes decorate their tables and jot down your favorite ideas!

If browsing through pinterest isn’t quite boosting your creative energy, browsing through model homes is the next best thing! Happy Decorating!