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7 Ideas For Your Holiday Staycation!

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When the holidays roll around and the snow flurries start to fall from the sky, some of us automatically start daydreaming of a tropical paradise to escape to. BUT, staying home for the holidays isn’t all that bad.


If you’re hanging out at home this year, we have some ideas that can still make your staycation productive and fun! Check them out below:


  1. Visit Museums. Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t get out and have fun! Visit some museums and brush up on your hometown history!


  1. Try Some New Recipes.  If you’re hanging out this year, why not advance your cooking skills a little? Test out some new recipes you’ve been dying to try. You could be a gourmet chef by the New Year!


  1. Have a Spa Day. Holiday vacation means taking a break from all the hullaballoo and getting some much needed R&R. Treat yourself to a well deserved spa day! Go get that massage you’ve been meaning to get all year.


  1. Start a Project. Now that you’ve got some free time, why not start that project you’ve been wanting to start for months now? Maybe it’s a photo album, researching your family tree, or that long awaited novel. Roll up your sleeves and get it goin’!


  1. Movie Marathon. There’s nothing like spending the holidays curled up on the couch and having an awesome movie marathon. Get comfy and enjoy some great movies this staycation.


  1. Do Some Reading. Been meaning to finally start reading those Harry Potter books? Well now you can! Heat up the fire, make some tea, and get lost in that pile of unread books!


  1. Rearrange the Furniture. Has the layout of your living room been driving you crazy? Bring some Feng Shui into your house and rearrange your furniture. Your home will have a fresh, rejuvenated vibe, and you’ll burn some calories while you’re at it!


We hope you have a very merry and enjoyable staycation this year!