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It's Time for School, Whitney Ranch!


It’s that exciting time of year again here at Whitney Ranch. Summer is coming to an end, fall is approaching quickly... and school is back in session! We are proud of our schools at Whitney Ranch and in Rocklin, not only because they strive to provide the best possible education for our kids, but because they have established notable reputations, and here’s why:

Sunset Ranch Elementary School is located within Rocklin’s highly ranked unified school district and creates an excellent atmosphere for our little ones to become strong, critical thinkers. Granite Oaks Middle School was ranked the highest performing middle school in Placer County in 2009, and the students continue to create the pathway for success and innovation. Whitney Ranch High School has been reported as one of the best high schools in America, with students consistently having some of the most impressive ACT scores in the state. William Jessup University is a wonderful liberal arts college that is dedicated to helping students grow spiritually and intellectually, and offers students over 20 degree majors and over 50 programs. Sierra Community College ranks first in Northern California for transfers to 4-year universities, with an award winning faculty and 125 degree certificate programs.

On that note, here is a list of helpful strategies on how to make that transition from endless summer freedom to hustling bustling school year a little easier:

  1. School Safety. Whether your child walks with a friend, rides a bike, or takes the bus, give them a refresher course on safety precautions when traveling to and from school: Don’t talk to strangers, stay with your walking buddies, walk on the sidewalk, wear the proper biking gear, know proper bus safety, etc. They may have heard this speech once before, but reminding them never hurts! It keeps them safe and gives you peace of mind.

  1. Preparing Lunches. Running around in the morning and trying to get everyone ready,  including yourself, can make the start of your day stressful and hectic. Avoid scrambling to get your kids lunches together by making them the night before. That way, you won’t feel rushed and no one will forget to brush their teeth!

  1. Outfits. Along with preparing lunches, figuring out what everyone’s going to wear is also another time cruncher in the mornings. Make sure everyone sets out their outfits before bed, that way you won’t waste precious moments staring at your closet and trying to make a decision.

  1. Anxious Butterflies. Going back to school can be really nerve wracking for most kids, especially when they leave one school behind and start at a brand new place. Fill them with positive energy and remind them about the great experiences this upcoming school year will bring. A new adventure means new memories!

  1. Creating a Study Spot. Pick a spot in the house for a good homework space and keep all the necessary supplies within range, so that your kids have everything they need. Cater this space to your child’s needs, like perhaps they need a quiet area, or maybe somewhere not completely isolating, like the kitchen or living room.  

  1. School Calendar. Sometimes kids, and parents, can lose track of important assignments and events coming up, which is why creating a school calendar can be a very helpful tool. Get a whiteboard, or whatever kind of board you prefer, and hang it in your new homework spot to keep everyone in the loop.

We are excited for our kids to embark on a brand new school year, and we hope these tips will help you ease into the back-to-school groove!