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New interchange in Rocklin means more room for development


It’s been announced! A brand new interchange has broken ground on Highway 65. The new Whitney Ranch Interchange will be much more than just a new access point into the community; it means that now more than ever, businesses have access to undeveloped land, 355 acres of land to be exact. There’s already talk that the land is zoned mostly for commercial and professional-type development. In fact, the land could host multiple businesses and up to 7,000 jobs.

There have been no formal applications from businesses looking to secure a spot, but Leslie Woodman, special projects manager for the city of Rocklin, expects development to begin within 1 to 2 years.

In addition to the interchange, Rocklin will build University Avenue to connect Whitney Ranch to Sunset near William Jessup University.

As you can imagine, this is a big project that will cost around $10 million, and will take about a year to complete. Time will tell if the interchange will one day play into the construction of the planned Placer Parkway project.

Click HERE for the full article on the Whitney Ranch Interchange in the Sacramento Business Journal.